xav erm discussion 5 and suma physocal security discussion 5

Task 1:

Chapter 22 presented a case study in creating value from uncertainty, and chapter 25 presented the use of efficient frontier analysis in SRM.

Assume you are the project lead for the analysis team that uses Efficient Frontier Analysis to evaluate risks of the portfolio presented in chapter 25.

How would you explain the results of the analysis to non-technical decision makers? Write a min. of a 2 page paper explaining the results. Within the paper, address what recommendation you would you make and why, assuming the risk appetite presented in chapter 25?

words :300(attached textbook)

Task 2:

Task 1 :Determine the primary considerations that an organization would need to take into account when developing the security policies involving bring your own device (BYOD), portable and mobile devices.

List and examine the major challenges of enforcing policies concerning BYOD, portable and mobile devices.

Please provide a reference

words :300