Wuthering Heights Book Report/Reveiw

Wuthering Heights Book Report/Reveiw
3. Write a two page, typed evaluation of your book, (Wuthering Heights) focusing on plot, character and theme (in that order). Include a SHORT INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPH (1st paragraph) which includes:
A brief and short summary of the book to get the general idea, w/ a thesis statement in the beginning. Mention the plot, character, and theme generally before breaking it down in the following paragraphs.

Have a topic sentence for each paragraph when discussing the Plot, Theme, Characters, and Modern connection. SHOULD NOT GO OVER 2 PAGES! MAKE SURE IT IS IN THAT ORDER!

For the modern connection/conclusion paragraph:
Make sure to start off general, for example:

"In this book "insert name here", we are able to see the ignorance and violence towards unmarried women. For example, when (insert example of a scene in the book). You can relate this to the way korea treats their women, etc, etc."

4. Include 1-2 short quotations from the review.

5. Comment on the review’s quotations, agreeing or disagreeing with the reviewer. You are basically just "commenting" on what other reviewers have said about the book. MAKE SURE TITLES ARE ITALICIZED. Effectively integrate quotes and to provide commentary on analysis on those quotes and plot points.


There is something disconcertingly passive and pathetic about Tess Durbeyfield. Steven Crispin of the New Review says Thomas Hardy “seems to regard his characters with a mixture of disdain and pity” (3). Crispin is correct in saying that Tess is pathetic. Even Tess says, "now I shall not live for you to despise me.” Similarly, the setting from which she came, the decaying cottage in which she was raised, reads of dilapidation and poverty and is played against the grand rooms which she shares with Clare and D’Urberville.

Commentary on plot, theme, and characters or setting is detailed and focused on ideas rather than simple summary. DO NOT SUMMARIZE FOR EACH PARAGRAPH, ANALYZE THE PLOT/CHARACTERS/THEME. I REPEAT, DO NOT JUST SUMMARIZE!!
Review quotes are appropriate to the novel and are well-integrated with book quotes/commentary. The report is well-organized, neat, and free of spelling and punctuation errors.



6. Include 1-3 short quotations from your book to support your evaluation. When quoting from the book, make sure to EXPLAIN the quote and provide evidence/supporting details. Need commentary and analysis.