writing essay 211


(to receive at least a C grade)

– presents a thesis

– includes a complete MLA Works

Cited page

– at least 1,000 words in length (not including your MLA “Works , Cited” Page), i.e., roughly 4 pages

What is this?

This assignment is an exploratory preface to the research writing you will do in WR 123. Unlike later assignments based on argumentation, this paper helps you to identify a topic (NOT a specific question)

that you think could sustain your interest over the research process.


Propose a topic of rational discourse that could sustain a focused argument over a 10- to 12-page academic paper (i.e., the paper

which culminates this course). Explore the topic in your own way, citing at least one (1+) course reading, and explain what makes this

a reasonable research topic. Writer’s Checklist: The essay must deal with some ‘food’ issue, though you may approach this term as you wish and focus on anything fitting under its broad umbrella. Use course readings as a launching point, but try to pick something that interests or involves you. What do you want to learn more about, in reference to your own life history? personal commitments? academic major? Find a topic on which you will enjoy writing this term.

This should be a carefully considered and polished essay. The piece will still have a thesis and a title that communicate the essay’s central purpose, but I leave it to you to determine what that purpose is. Proper MLA 8 Style citations must document the ALL sources alluded to in the essay.


A topic is broader than a question and contains many possible questions & controversies within it.

Some examples of food-related topics include: the nutritional effects of U.S. agricultural subsidies; the

portrayal of nutritional science in diet and health culture; Willamette Valley orchard practices; social

policies targeting hunger in the U.S.; vegetarianism, carnivory and animal rights; techniques of lobster

cooking; the use of pesticides in industrial/factory farming; the role of biotechnology in the degradation

of Brazil’s rainforest; laws governing fast food consumerism in Europe; etc.