Writing about Science and Technology

 Essays should be based on historical evidence drawn from the course materials (including lectures, readings, film clips, and images). The total length of the two essays (double-spaced, font size 12) must not exceed 6 pages. 1. You are having lunch with a friend, Hobbit, in the Chenango Room. After a bite of his Cesar salad, Hobbit declares that he knows all about the Scientific Revolution. “Let me tell you. It happened in the mid-17th century. Three or four great minds made awesome discoveries about the universe. Just like that, boom, we entered the modern world.” Do you agree with Hobbit’s statement? Please use historical evidence to support your position. 2. It has been argued that the development of science, technology, and medicine often went hand in hand with the expansion of European (and American) empires in the 19th century. Please use at least two examples from the course materials to illustrate this view. Please use the following material to complete the essay (will be provided) 1. Shapin, ch 1& pp 65-80 & 119-155. 2. Hughes, ch. 1. 3. Larson, ch. 3 and 4.