write the java program

  • Your program must use class constants (e.g., static final int SIZE=10) in place of any numeric constants (except for 0 and 1), and in place of any character constants.
  • Your program must use nested loops.
  • At least one doubly-nested loop (a for loop inside a for loop inside a for loop).
  • Finally, your program should have a class constant called SIZE such that if the we change its value, the entire size of your drawing will change proportionately. For instance, if your program produces a drawing that’s 100 characters wide and 200 long when SIZE = 10, and if we change SIZE to 5 (and make NO other changes), it should produce something about 50 characters wide and 100 characters long. If we change the SIZE to 20, it should produce something like 200 characters wide and 400 characters long, and so on. You may include a comment that specifies what ranges of values constitute valid values for this SIZE constant, but it should be a nontrivial range (that is, don’t say that it only works for SIZE = 6, or something like that).