Write 1 ½ page essay on each topic

Write 1 ½ page essay on each topic. All essays should have an introduction (three sentences), two
body paragraphs (five or more sentences each), and conclusion (three sentences).
? Each body paragraph must have historical examples and evidence from the reader American
Perspectives and/or your course required textbook.
? You must use articles from the course required reader and your course required textbook only as
research materials. No outside sources can be used.
? You must have footnotes and a bibliography page.
? Time New Roman 12 font, double spacing.
? Must have assignment heading.
? Please upload your essays to the Turnitin link:
? Read ?MS Word Essay Assignment? on your syllabus to understand how to format an essay. Write 1 ½ page essay discussing immigration and how some Americans and the federal
government responded to immigrates in America acts, congress, riots, and conflicts and
consequences, how the various groups adjusted to life in American, and the reasons some
migrated to the United States.
? Use the following as research materials only:
o American Perspectives Articles: (must use at least 3 articles):
? Chapter 1—?Address of August Spies,? ?The Chinese Exclusion Act,?
and ?Congress Takes Aim at the Chinese Menace?
? Chapter 3—?Social Conflict in the American West?
? Chapter 7— ?Emma Goldman’s Address to Jury,? ?Revolution in
Texas,? and ?Vanzetti’s Speech to the Court?
Chapter 9—?The Zoot Suite Riot?
? Chapter 12—Hernandez vs. Texas

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