World Class Diversity Management


Read Chapter 8 Jeff Kilt: Coping with a Nagging Challenge in the book World Class Diversity Management. Assume the role of a manager in the company who has been assigned a task to analyze the actions of Jeff and his executive team to deal with the lack of African American representation in the higher ranks of Bjax. In writing your analysis, complete with recommendations, consider the following questions: Is Jeff sensitive to the issue of racial diversity in his company? Does his executive team share in his views? How effective is his initial strategy to address the concerns of the AMDC? What specific steps would you recommend Jeff implement, based on your understanding of the Four Quadrants and the Strategy Diversity Management Process? Develop a detailed analytical paper to address the 4 points listed above. Incorporate the concept of the Four Quadrants and the Strategic Diversity Management Process. Include an introduction, body sections, conclusions, and reference list. Please use your text and at least 2 other supportive sources. After the reference list, do a page break. Include a concise memo at the end of the document summing up recommendations for Jeff described in the 4th section of your paper. This assignment should be 4-5 pages in length and be in standard APA format, including a title page and reference page. References can be articles, journals, news reports, videos, or websites.