worksheet with couple questions fill out worksheet

This worksheet activity provides an opportunity for you to engage deeply with a specific geographic region by analyzing the fundamental themes of geography that characterize that region.

To complete this assignment, review the Worksheet Template Guidelines and Rubric document and complete the following steps:

  1. Use the Themes of Geography resource and your required resources in this module to specifically discuss the criteria that are used to identify the realms (or regions) and subregions.
  2. Download the Worksheet Template Guidelines and Rubric document and select a region from the list below to address the questions related to geographic themes in the worksheet.
    • Western Europe
    • Northern Europe
    • Mediterranean Europe
    • Eastern Europe
    • The Russian Core
    • The Southeastern Frontier
    • Siberia
    • The Russian Far East
    • Transcaucasia
    • Central Asia
  3. Once you have completed the worksheet, upload and submit your saved worksheet file to the learning environment to finish this assignment.