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You are to write a 1,500-word essay on one of the four topics below

You are to write a 1,500-word essay on one of the four topics below:

1) How has classical criminology, particularly the idea and the empirical measurement of free will, evolved over time? Explain with reference to classical criminology theorists (like Beccaria) and theories (like RCT).

2) What has been the impact of the Chicago Area Projects on public policy? Critically discuss the results of the Chicago Area Projects in relation to social disorganization theory and its relevance for today.

3) Explain which anomie/strain theory you think best explains crime. Use examples to illustrate your position and critically discuss the key differences between the anomie/strain theories in criminology.

4) Using a critical criminology standpoint, compare and contrast how well traditional biological theories and modern biosocial theories address questions of institutional power.

I haven’t decided on a topic yet so the writer has the liberty to choose whichever topic he/she feels most comfortable and confident with. Just state what topic you choose by putting it before your essay begins. The lecturer for this subject is a really harsh marker so please be really careful on the referencing style, grammar and spelling etc. Marking rubric is attached with this essay so the writer can go back and check if he/she had met all the requirement. I’m hoping for a really high grade for this essay because I didn’t do well in the other assignments for this subject. Please avoid using sources dated earlier than 2000-2005 which is a course requirement. Sources needs to be up to date

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