Why 5G Requires New Approaches to Cybersecurity

Paper Requirements:

Select one of the topics below, and read the short Benton.org report that is given for that topic. Find at least two longer and more in-depth recent articles about the issue in question. [Hint: These can sometimes be found by clicking on links in the Benton reports.] The longer stories you find must be fully cited in your paper and should be used to back up your arguments. Start your paper with a short summary that describes the issue in detail. Address some or all of the following: Identify the social problem, political controversy, and/or market failure that is at the root of the issue.

Why might the public, or a portion of the public, believe that there should be a governmental solution to the issue? Or, is there really a problem at all? Is it practical or necessary for government to find a solution to the controversy or problem? If so, who in government would be able to offer a solution? Or, who/what outside of government could offer a solution? Consider proposing your own solution, but be sure to discuss whether it would be practical or realistic. Topic B: 5G Security Start with this recent story at Benton.org: Why 5G Requires New Approaches to Cybersecurity