which company that starts with a m do you like

which company that starts with a m do you like

which company that starts with a m do you like

Final Project Company Choice

Welcome to the Discussion Forum!

Each week, you will be asked to respond to the prompt or prompts in the discussion forum. Your initial post should be 300+ words in length, and is due on Sunday. By Tuesday, you should respond to two additional posts from your peers.

For your follow up post…review the responses provided by your peers. Engage in conversation, or even civil debate, as you discuss their insights and viewpoints. You may ask questions for clarification (if you are confused by their initial post) or pose questions that advance the conversation. You might even find a topic that leads you to further research in the area!

This week you will explore a wide range of topics, all geared to introduce you to the world of management. You’ll see the four key functions of management, the role of a manager, and begin to explore the types of skills commonly required of managers at various levels of the company. This is a great introduction but is just a sampling of all the great topics you will explore in this course. This week your goal is to select a company you can research throughout the course for your final project.

First, review the milestone assignment instructions for weeks 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8.

Next, please watch the following video clips from the lab:

  • Chapter 01: Concept Clip: Managerial Roles
  • Chapter 01: Concept Clip: Four Functions
  • Chapter 01: Concept Clip: Skills Used at Different Management Levels

Select a company for your milestone project for the course. The company you choose must begin with the same letter as your last name. You may not select Apple, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Samsung, Walmart, or Target. The company you select must be a publicly traded company. For your initial post, share with the group the company you have chosen and why. Find a source that is less than four weeks old that is directly relevant to the four functions of management, managerial roles, and/or managerial skills at the company you have chosen. Share that source in your post and explain why it helped you chose the company you did. The goal is to obtain instructor approval and classmate feedback on your choice. To get instructor approval your company must begin with the same letter as your last name and your carefully chosen and cited reference must be dated within the last four weeks and be linked in your post.

Review a minimum of two of your classmate’s posts and respond with additional insights, information, questions, or links to more information on the company they have chosen. Your responses should be academic in nature and linked to research and management topics discussed this week rather than personal stories of shopping with the company they chose for example.