What is the theme of Sonny’s Blues or The Lesson

Choose one of the paper topics below. (All papers must be three full pages, MLA format and documented,12 point font, Times New Roman, and composed in third person, present tense. The fourth page will be the Works Cited page. You must use four sources for this paper. What is the theme of Sonny’s Blues or The Lesson. In your introduction, state the theme of your selected story. In your thesis, explain how the theme is developed. In your body paragraphs, give specific examples of scenes from the novel in which the author developed the theme. 5. Go to the FAMU Library Databases. You will search the following: The time period in which your story took place. What was going on around the country and in the specific area of your work. Locate 3 literary analysis’ on your short story and/or the author of your story. (Two of your literary analysis’ must focus on the story), 1 source will be the story itself. Read each analysis and take notes. Week 5 will be spent drafting your paper. The final draft is due Sunday, September 29, 2019. Make sure you understand the requirements.