The Journal is a tool that is designed to help you summarize your personal reactions to the semester’s weekly lessons. You should reflect on your awareness of conflict in your life and how you are managing it. In your journal you should be reflecting on which theories and tools that are presented in the course can help you manage conflict in a less stressful way in the future. It is your conflict diary. In keeping this diary of the conflict principles and your application of conflict principles to your daily life, It should reflect how these theories and principles are beneficial to you. This is a learning tool for you to use now, throughout the course, at the end of the course and beyond. The journal should include a reference to some or all of the following categories: READINGS, 2. INTERACTIONS, 3. LECTURES, 4. DISCUSSIONS IN THE COURSE, 5. EVERYDAY LIFE SITUATIONS. For example, here are some questions you should consider when writing your journal. What struck you as significant? Was it a principle we discussed that you discovered could be applied in your everyday life? Did you notice life actions that you used that were related to what we were discussing? In citing something significant that you read, it would be of interest knowing, why did you find this citation or website worthy of mention? To save space, a synopsis of what you found significant is all that is needed to carry on a discussion. This journal is for you to have after the class ends. Record what is meaningful to you, not me. Many students have remarked that they found the idea of a journal a pain at the beginning of class. At the end they welcomed the existence of their journals. They could see where they started, where they ended up, and the significant knowledge, personal feeling and satisfaction they gained over the period of keeping the journal. Put yourself into this learning tool and you will be rewarded. Each journal submission should be 4 to 5 pages. That is about 1 1/3 to 1 ½ pages per week. Your journal should be double spaced in Word format using 12 point type in Ariel or Times New Roman. The due dates for each Journal submission can be found on the syllabus on the Weekly Schedule and are also listed under Journal Due Dates in the Journal Folder. The Practice Journal To assist you with your Journal, a Practice Journal is to be submitted in the third week of the course by September 22, 2019. You will see it appear under Assignments in Week 3. The Practice Journal is required. It is there to give you feedback early on in the course so that you will have a successful Final Journal. All Journal Submissions All Journal submissions are to be submitted according to the schedule on the syllabus. If you follow the requirements of the course diligently, you will find that it will be very easy to submit your final journal. If your journal is late, you will lose points. To maintain confidentiality, post your journals in Assignments, under the appropriate Journal Chapter, next to your name under Title, Journal Submission. Inside enter in the box entitled “Submission” and then click “Submit”. The Journals have a submit-by date and an automatic cutoff date.