what is a editorial

Your assignment it to pick a relevant, timely, controversial issue and really craft an editorial to get people to hear your perspective and (hopefully) side with you. This is NOT a research essay although you need at least 3 source of support. Remember, the key is how you craft and back up your argument. It has to be at least 400 words min and be written in MLA format with proper in text citation and a Works Cited Page in MLA Format.

This topic must be an up to date topic and from the United States. I can provide access to the on-line class so that you can access the online campus library to retrieve your sources (if you choose to use that forum). This is argumentative essay and it should posses one of the three main means of persuasion: Pathos- Appeal by emotion, Ethos – appeal by creditability or character, or Logos – appeal by logic. This assignment must be completed by 1/17/2020 11:59AM.