What are the four recognized elements of financial management?

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Discussion Question 1: Elements of Financial Management
Discussion Question 2: Changes in the Affordable Care ActDiscussion Question 1: Elements of Financial ManagementFinancial management in healthcare setting is critical to the success and well being of healthcare organization. There are very important elements of financial planning that every healthcare organization must follow.What are the four recognized elements of financial management? Which do you think is most important and why?AND
Discussion Question 2: Changes in the Affordable Care ActThe Affordable Care Act (ACA) has made a huge impact on healthcare delivery system and especially in regard to financial management of healthcare organizations and delivery of high quality healthcare services.The timeline for the Affordable Care Act continues until 2015. Locate 34 updates on the timeline that are related to healthcare finance. Discuss these changes or initiatives. Your discussion should include what is changing and your thoughts on how this will impact healthcare finance now and in the future

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