What are key characteristics that identify the form of government for this state

Unit IV Article Review

The assignment for this unit is to research a news article discussing a state that has been “in flux” between a democracy and another form of government over the past 20-25 years (an example might be Russia’s struggle with establishing a democracy). Your article can be about a state that has shifted from a democracy to its current form of government or a state that has shifted from another form of government to a democracy. Your article should be no more than three years old.

Consider the following questions when writing:

? What are key characteristics that identify the form of government for this state?

? What issues, according to Shively, may have pushed this state into a democracy, or out of a democracy?

? What types of legitimacy (or lack of legitimacy) have supported the current government system or contributed to the change?

? In what ways have social capital, political culture, and political socialization contributed to the formation of the current government?

? Can you identify which wave of democracy may have influenced this state?

Your article should be a minimum of 1,200 words and follow APA guidelines.

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