Wes Moore’s Book

a) What material and methods are used to collect data and information? Upon what

sources is the book based? Does the author use original data or does the author
merely summarize the research of other scholars? Does the author use printed or
unprinted materials Note the references in the footnotes (or any and consult the
bibliography given at the end of the work if necessary. (20 points)

b) Give a summary of the contents of the books. This should be in your own words
otherwise you are guilty of a terrible academia sin-PLAGIARISM. The summary
should be a discussion of the subject matter not a mere enumeration of topic treated
by the author (80 points)

c) What is the range of the work? Is it an account of one particular subject? Or is the
book broad in scope? Support your thesis. (10 points)

d) What is the point of view or bias of the book? Is the author totally impartial and
objective or is the author prejudiced one way or another? Does the author sympathize
with any particular social class or group? What purpose motivated the author to write
the book? (10 points)

e) What is your criticism and opinion of the book? Support and illustrate your points.(10 points)

f) What did you find most amusing or interesting in the book? Note items in your bookwhich you found most interesting such as anecdotes, poems, striking quotations,curious or unusual facts etc.) Give exact page references if you use these in your bookreport. (10 points)

g) How does this book apply to this course in Sociology? Apply the book to Sociologyand this course. This is a very important section of your book report. Refer back toconcepts discussed in class and read relevant chapters from the text that refer to topicsdiscussed in your assigned book. (40 points)



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