Week 4 lab

For this lab, you will choose one of the following archaeological scenarios for analysis. Once you have chosen one of the scenarios, you will review the descriptions of the archaeological dating techniques in the textbook and the lab materials and analyze the material remains found at your chosen site. Your analysis should include a description of at least two dating techniques that could be used to determine the age of the site. Your analysis should also include a discussion of the limitations of the dating techniques you chose. Be sure to think carefully about what you are actually dating!!


In the jungles of the Yucatan, you have found an ancient Maya temple. This temple, built of stone, has been excavated. Your excavation has revealed two burials. Burial number one has some beautiful obsidian tools, some ceramic pots with food remains in them and some textiles. Burial number two has intact ceramic pots with beautiful decorations. Explain how you would go about dating this site and some of the problems associated with the dating methods you choose.