week 2 isotopes

In preparation for this discussion, please complete the MasteringBio Background Assignment and read the textbook essay, “Finding the Iceman’s Age in an Isotope” (pp. 26-27). Using the information that you have learned in the video, the NYT article, and the textbook essay, “ address the following in your main post:

  • What does the symbol “carbon-12” mean? (~50 words)
  • What does the symbol “carbon-14” mean? (~50 words)
  • What are the differences between “carbon-12” and “carbon-14”? List at least three. (~50 words)
  • What is the main change that has to happen to “carbon-14” so it can turn into nitrogen? (~50 words)
  • Using your knowledge of atomic structure and isotopes, textbook essay information, and any scientifically reliable online or printed resources, create a ~200-word explanation of how carbon dating is used to determine the age of biological remains. Make sure to use your own words and cite outside sources that you have used.
  • Find a biology- or medicine-related example of radioisotope use (besides “carbon dating”) and describe it in a ~100-word statement (reference your sources).

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  • Respond to two of your fellow classmates and post your comments and reactions as appropriate 5-7 sentence. You should also reply to those who ask you questions.