Warehouse your competitors out of business!

Warehousing is a critical piece to the overall success of a business. You should know; you “own” a business. For this week’s discussion, I want you all focused as business “enemies”! That is, you all own a business, and you’re selling the same type of product; let’s say you own a business that offers fashions and accessories. Men and women. And your objective is to put each one of your classmates, that is your business opposition, out of business. To do this you look for every edge to help bring your product to more customers, with more speed, less errors, and for less cost, that everyone else. How can your warehousing selection help you do this? What are you expecting your warehouse to do for you to help you put everyone else out of business? Use this week’s materials, but also do a little on-line research to see what might be available! Location? Value added delivery? Is your business online, or are you a local retailer? Force me to buy from you because you offer something better!