W4 Mgm Coll & W5 SWOT Analysis and Environmental Scan


For W4, please read the course readings (files start with W4) help to prepare for Week 5 Emerging Technology Project Part 2 and also the midterm essay questions in Week 7. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the W4 discussion questions. I will provide the login instructions once I obtain from the instructor. For Week 5 assignment, that is part 2 of the Emerging Technology Project. All W5 readings start with W5 in the file name. Instructions View this presentation and review the articles presented within the presentation to help you with this assignment. Then review the instructions below to complete the assignment. SWOT Analysis and Environmental Scan View SWOT presentation in full screen mode For this assignment, you will conduct a SWOT analysis and environmental scan of the technology that your group plans to implement at your organization. Based on your literature review, conduct a SWOT analysis of the specific technology. Use your findings to determine how this technology fits into your local environment. Please answer the following questions: • Assess a SWOT Analysis of the proposed technology specific to the circumstances of your assigned library using the SWOT Analysis Template (Word). • Discuss the hype cycle stage of the technology using Gartner’s Hype Cycle methodology. • Based on your SWOT findings and the hype cycle, address the following questions: • Is the technology a good strategic and technical fit for your organization? • Who, including library staff members, might use it? • What they would use it for (use cases)? • How should it be implemented? • When is the best time to implement it?