visual representation and visual analysis of graphed data

Visual representation and visual analysis of graphed data is the main source of data analysis in single case research design (SCRD). Explain the rationale for the use of graphic displays in SCRD. Then you will describe the technical aspects of a line graph using figure 7.1 in Chapter 7 of the Ledford & Gast (2019) text, as well as the Kratochwill et al. (2010) document located in Course Documents. Include specific details about the basic components and symbols used in graphic representation. Finally, you will reproduce the graph in Figure 3 of the Vanselow and Bourret (2012) article and write up the results in one paragraph. You will include an analysis of level, trend, variability, and data overlap. Refer to the graphing tutorial video, Chapter 8 of the Ledford & Gast (2019) text, and Appendix B of the Kratochwill (2010) document for systematic procedures for graphing data and the visual analysis of graphed data. Paste the graph and the narrative for the results into a MS Word document and attach it to your post.