Virtual Crash Lab Activity


The objective of the exercise will be to evaluate the Virtual Crash Lab from a potential training perspective. You will be asked to look at specific aspects of “survivability” and try to determine if this platform has the potential to train students in the basics of post accident assessment of a limited nature. To do this, you will need to become familiar with survival factors. Accident investigators look for “clues” as an indication of what took place. When looking for “survival factors” you should be looking at things that provide an indication of what happened before, during, and after the accident. This is done by examining the wreckage and trying to see if procedures were followed, any exits or avenues of egress were blocked, debris from structural fixtures and parts are present, evidence of decelerative forces, emergency evacuation slides were deployed, etc. A presentationPreview the document has been provided that will familiarize you with crash survivability and the resultant aftereffects that may be present and observable during a post crash investigation and inspection. Crash siteThe question you must address is “Does the crash lab provide the clues that allow the student to learn what to look for and how to document the available evidence for subsequent reports?” In other words, does the crash lab allow you to train to become proficient in the tasks an accident investigator must perform to draw conclusions about an accident? This critical aspect will determine if your training system is designed properly or not. Remember that your primary objective in this assignment is not to train to become a crash investigator, but to critically evaluate the crash lab interface and environment for potential training capability by using and evaluating the virtual environment and tools provided. Part 1 will be submitted during Module 5. It comprises the collection and submission of raw data collected while exploring the accident scene. In this activity, enter the Virtual Crash Lab and follow the instructions provided for the exercise. Make sure you 1) access the forward fuselage section, 2) take a minimum of 15 photographs, and 3) export your data. Use the tools available to make notes on each photograph, take measurements, take notes on what you see and observe during your inspection, and make sure you save and export your data for use in your report. Submit the raw data as a Microsoft® Office Word or PDF file for instructor inspection and grading. This raw data submission does not need to be formatted in any specific way for this assignment. These are basically your photos and notes taken during your observation and do not need to be accompanied by any scholarly narrative. The link for the crashlab