Violence in cultural perspective

violence in cultural perspective

. The review essay must be on two of the books from the Book List provided below. The essay should be at least 1500 words (6 pages long), double spaced and a 12 pt. font should be used. Please organize your Book Review in the following manner: 1) Introduction (2 pages): Give a brief summary of each book by placing the storyline or plot of the book within the culturally relative historical, political and social context that the book was written; 2) Critical Comparison (2 pages): Compare and contrast the two books by discussing their strengths and weaknesses using theories and ideas that have been discussed in the readings for this course; 3) Conclusion (2 pages): Comment on the role that these two books have played in educating the reader about the subjective embodied experience of violence that the narrative (and or narrator) projects. Please hand in a hard copy of your Book Review in class on October 15, 2018 and please send a second copy of your Book Review to me via email. two readings to be reviewed: Nafisi, Azar (2004) Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books, New York, USA, Random House Publishers. Nemat, Marina (2008) Prisoner of Tehran: A Memoir, Toronto, Canada, Penguin Books.