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Assignment Requirements

“Most construction standard contracts include clear and precise variation clauses. However, it is still controversial whether acceleration order, out of scope works order, etc. are types of variation orders. Discuss the several types of variation and their effect on payment and period of performance with particular reference to FIDIC red book 1999.”


You should follow the submission procedures outlined in your student handbook
The size of this document should not exceed 2000 words.


1. Clear introduction
2. Logical progression of ideas
3. Smooth transition throughout essay leading to a well developed argument
4. Persuasive conclusion
5. Word count

1. Accurate use of reference style
2. Relevant use of quotes to support the argument
3. Required quantity of research demonstrated
4. Must Use OSCOLA referencing system
5. Minimum of 8 references.

1. Answered the call of the question
2. Thoroughness of analysis
3. Attach references

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