Urban forests Academic Essay

Order Description 1) Spend time reviewing this website. ( http://caseytrees.org/resources/maps/dc-street-trees/) Youll be designing an urban forest for a section of Washington D.C. 2) View this instructional video by Forestry Instructor Dr. Tobah Gass to help get you started with this lab. Enjoy! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NldlKsIPlMI&feature=youtu.be) Note: Once you click the link, a YouTube screen will appear. (Transcripts are available by clicking More below the video).Beginning of Assignment:1) Study the web site and take a close look at some of the urban forests and trees found in this city. Notice that you can see actual individual trees by zooming in on city street level!! For this assignment, youll be designing your own urban forest in a section of this city. Perhaps you want to design a totally new forest somewhere in the city. Or perhaps you have a different idea for an already-existing forest.In the answer space below: describe where you would locate your urban forest and explain why you would locate it there. Remember to take into account major features, waterways, elevations, roads, peoples needs, existing infrastructure, climate, soils of the location, etc. Make sure to also describe the location of your urban forest (i.e. note bordering roads and features.)2) What species of trees would you plant in this forest? Consider the uses of the forest in your selection. Describe the characteristics of the species that make them appropriate for your location. Be specific and keep in mind that a wide variety of tree species are necessary for forest health, especially preventing serious insect and disease damage to your forest. Remember to list and describe at least 6 species; include the common and scientific names.3) Urban forests have many benefits from pollution and noise abatement to aesthetics and parkland. What uses would you assign to your forest and why? Explain in detail.4) Discuss what care and maintenance would be needed to support this site. Consider both ecological (forest plants and animals) and environmental (man) factors. Refer to Chapter 18, Text.5) Explain in detail what you perceive to be the greatest difficulty in creating this urban forest and why.h

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