Updike A&P

Description Paper 1 Topics -1320 Write a well-developed essay (about three double-spaced pages plus an additional Works Cited page)about the following topic.First, choose one of the following stories:•Updike “A&P”•Carver “Cathedral”•Munro “Boys and Girls”Next, using O’Brien’s comments about good storytelling from his article“Telling Tails”, answer this question:Would O’Brien believe that the story you chose is a “good”story?Why?You are discussing your story in light of O’Brien’s comments. Think of it in this way: you’re using O’Brien’s comments about what makes a good story to “dig in”to the story you chose. You will need to quote from both. For this question, the important thing is the WHY! Convince me. Illustrate your choice with SPECIFIC EXAMPLES (from both the story you choose and from O’Brien’s comments about good storytelling…)Instructions:•The basic format of your paper should look like the MLA sample paper in this unit’s reading.•Please incorporate what you’ve learned from the reading about making effective arguments with evidence to back up your claims (and most of the evidence will come from specific examples in which you quote from the story and from O’Brien’s comments).•Part of the scoring for this paper will be based on making a complex and original argument, so make your reasons as specific as possible The deeper you “dig” into your search for connections between O’Brien’s comments and the story, the better you’ll do on this assignment. Remember, it is impossible to do well on this paper without specific examples and direct quotations from the stories.Prove you are right.