Understand terminologies in second language assessment and testing theories


– Understand terminologies in second language assessment and testing theories – Demonstrate ability and skills in applying second language assessment and testing theories to designing a valid and reliable test incorporating four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) – Demonstrate understanding and skilful use of different strategies and techniques in test design Write a report detailing your design of a complete test (either achievement, diagnostic or placement) of the English language for a specific test-taker cohort, assessing the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) that incorporates a range of specific test items, accompanied by marking criteria and relevant appendices. – Describe the purpose of the test and for whom it is designed. – Include appropriate general test-taking instructions and specific directions for each of the four test structures or sections (listening, speaking, reading and writing).

– Select materials from different resources (each must be properly referenced) and design your own test questions. Each test section and task should have brief and clear instructions. – Substantiate the test design by integrating relevant second language assessment and testing theories where appropriate, scholarly sources (e.g. peer-reviewed journals, scholarly books and edited book chapters), using in-text citations and listing no less than ten references. Each section should be designed as follows: – Listening: design and develop a listening task (e.g. a conversation, lecture, broadcast). Design 8 test questions using a range of different test techniques (e.g. multiple choice, short answers). Provide a copy of the transcript (single-spaced) in an appendix. No audio recording is required. – Speaking: design and develop two speaking tasks, each using a different format (e.g. individual presentation, dialogue), and a marking scale. – Reading: design and develop one reading task which includes 8 questions and covers the following the reading skills and techniques: 1. Understanding the main idea 2. Skimming 3. Scanning 4. Understanding words and expressions in context (e.g. pronoun reference, contextual meaning-not literal meaning) 5. Identifying the passage writer’s attitudes, viewpoints or implications (e.g. optimistic, pessimistic, ironic or appraising) 7 – Writing: design and develop two writing tasks, each having two different formats (e.g. graph, description-based, topic-based), and a marking scale. I have also attached the test design samples that my teacher have provided for this assignment and the rubric of the task details, please ask me if you have any question. Also, i need the report to include this prescribed text given by my teacher. Here is all the details i known Title: Testing for language teachers Author: Hughes, A Resource Notes: Includes bibliographical references (p. 237-245) and indexes. Publication Date: 2003 Edition: 2nd edn ISBN: 9780521484954 LCCN: 2003268576 OCLC Number: 51234145 Place of publication: Cambridge Publisher: Cambridge University Press