U.S. History in colonial times

Description Learning Objectives • Read current event news articles • Choose current events as related to U.S. History in colonial times • Identify modern day innovations, changes to markets, use of money and policy • Link your modern day finding to a past event discussed in class or found in Ch 1-6 of the textbook • Answer the question – how has the past helped to shape the future we see today? • Use an economic lens to explain the progress and demonstrate with economic graphs, terms and theories Assignment Overview Current events are opportunities to see economics in practice. This assignment provides the chance to connect economic theory to the real world and write about your findings. Use economic history discussed in class and in the textbook to show the progress made in today’s markets. You are required to find a substantial article from Wall Street Journal. The article must be published after July 1, 2019. If you need assistance, please consider contacting the Eller librarians at http://libguides.library.arizona.edu/EllerOnlineUndergrad 1. Once you find the WSJ appropriate article, you are to summarize the article in several paragraphs. 2. Please provide the article’s complete citation and URL. 3. Then look for the areas where you see the connection between economic history and how markets have evolved. a. For example, you may have an article where you see a town in the United States taking actions to barter instead of using U.S. dollars. Explain what you see happening and then walk through how barter was a main way of doing business. Discuss the benefits and problems such as double coincidence of wants and difficulty determining each item’s value. 4. Use graphs or tables to help illustrate the economic principles 5. Conclude by explaining why you chose this article. The review should be 2-3 pages single spaced and use APA format (http://www.library.arizona.edu/search/reference/citation-apa.html) for the citations.