two assingments 250 words a piece

Assignment 1

Read the following articles:

Young & Gainsborough (2000) Prosecuting Juveniles in Adult Court.pdf


Do you think older juveniles who commit serious crimes should be treated like adult offenders? At what age is a juvenile considered “old enough” to be treated like an adult offender? Defend your answer. Your defense should not be along the lines of “a five-year-old knows right from wrong.” Your defense should be based on critical thinking and supporting research. Identify any sources used.

Assignment 2

In the article, Effects of Correctional Boot Camps on Offending.pdf the question is asked by the Mackenzie, Wilson, and Kider (2001), “Why don’t boot camps reduce recidivism when compared to other correctional alternatives?” (p. 139).

  • How did the researchers come to this conclusion?
  • Do you agree with this conclusion? Why or why not?
  • If this conclusion is true, why are boot camps not more successful in reducing recidivism?

If this conclusion is true, why are boot campus still so popular?