Toys R Urs Strategy Analysis

Strategy Analysis


Paper details:

The company to focus on is Toys R Urs You are encouraged to conduct as much original research as possible. Focus should be on analysis and not mere presentation of facts, figures and numbers. Make sure you use visual aids (powerpoint presentation with charts and graphs) to support and/or illustrate your points. Structure of the presentation • Introduction – Try to come up with an interesting story about Toys R Urs, the way it got started or anything interesting about the founder (s). Also, in this section include company’s brief history, product lines, pie charts/graphs about the market share/revenue generated from various products and international presence (revenue generated from various regions). • SWOT analysis –Discuss the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as it applies to the issues company is facing and in your recommendations. • Strategy Analysis – Discuss various strategies used by the company, also compare it’s strategies across various markets. • Competitor analysis – Prepare a stock chart of the company with at least two competitors and S&P500. Also, charts/graph comparing various aspects (market share/profitability/product lines) • Concepts – Pick 6 concepts (no more than one concept from each chapter) and see how they apply to your company. • Final recommendations and conclusion – Final recommendations and conclusion should flow from the previous analysis. • Points expected – How many points do you expect for this assignment and why? Please answer this by outline each presentation structure