Tourism : creative Problem Solving

 Problem: The problem is Increase number of visitors in Zoo in hot weather. Each year Zoo is facing big challenges in number of visitors in summer, sometimes they don’t have even one guest. That affect in the income of Zoo. Your task is to demonstrate the “process” of problem solving in a creative manner. This task will require a significant effort on your part. Use creative new solution for the problem and add new technology. The Task- Scenario Planning You are to select a complex problem in your organization and provide three (3) versions of potential solution to your problem. This is called ‘Scenario’ problem solving. You are to document and discuss, by using internet and other resources. The final output should be: 1.A written report specifically identifying three (3) separate scenarios of problem solving in a creative manner. 2.The report should critically evaluate problem solving strategies to address an organizational problem. •Analysis of the Problem: The process of selection of your problem, why is the problem significant, critical evaluation of the problem using the methodological approaches to problem solving that have been covered in class. •Creative Ideas for Problem Solving: Explain your creative way to solve the problem (brainstorming, methods of thinking), provide the three scenarios, justify why they are an appropriate solution and how they would be implemented including measures for addressing the challenges that your solution will pose.