Topic: The Effect of Lateral/Valgus Wedging on Medial Compartment Knee Osteoarthritis

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You will be required to conduct a thorough systematic review of the literature on the effects of lateral/valgus wedging on medial compartment osteoarthritis, i will provided you with the research papers you will need to use to compose the systematic review, all you have to do is link all the papers together and analyses them properly. you will also have to find more papers to add to the references sheet and others you used for the final completion of this papers, feel free to add as many papers as you want and if you find others there more important thant he ones i have provided. Use the following structure for your written report:

Background: This section should clearly define the condition, including information regarding prevalence and significance of the problem. If investigating the effects of an intervention, current clinical practice and the theoretical rationale underpinning the intervention should be outlined. A clear overview of the research question being addressed (i.e. aim of the literature review) must be provided.

Methods: Search strategy and criteria used to select articles must be described, including electronic databases and search terms used. (Refer to information provided in tutorials.)

Results: Key papers should be summarised and critiqued in detail, with students demonstrating an understanding of the hierarchy of evidence, research methods and study design issues (e.g. reliability and validity, sampling bias, randomization, statistical analysis). Tables are a good way to summarize this information; however, please ensure that font size is large enough to read.

Conclusions: This section should contain implications for clinical practice and recommendations for areas of future research (i.e. gaps in the literature).

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