Topic: Airplane accidents- Who is responsible?

Topic: Airplane accidents- Who is responsible? Should families of victims be entitled to compensation?This essay should be written in third person only and should address issues and key points discussed in your sources; your essay should be argumentative in nature. You may address any point or multiple points mentioned in the article, as long as you choose a side or slant and stick to that side/slant throughout your essay. This is not a compare/contrast essay.Your essay should present strong claims or points in support of your thesis statement. You will need to find a minimum of six sources to help support your thesis statement. You must use in-text citations within your paper and a works cited page at the end. 5-6 pages in MLA FormatAll 3 of these methods of Citing must be used!!!!!!Direct quotes Write down the exact words from the source and put quotation marks around the quote. You may quote an entire sentence or part of a sentence. Only use a direct quote when you cannot say it better yourself. Keep direct quotes to a minimum in your research paper.Paraphrase Use your own words to restate the authors point. Be careful not to incorporate too many of the original words.Summary A brief version that stresses the main points only. A summary may be only a few sentences.
I have to get 2 of my sources from this college library:

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