Tidal Power Generation

Majoring in “water,energy and environment”, the course is “environment system. 2, I will add detailed requirement. 3, I placed three totally the same orders, this is the first one, do not write the same please. Thank you very much.

You could find the requirement at a PDF file named Non-fossil fuel power generation, page 23 – 26.

You are required to write about 4 Tidal Power Generations, for example, tidal lagoon, dam, wave power and so on.

Analyse according to:

Your job is to tell me how best to harness it.

Build costs

Power output

Environmental analysis

Cost per MW/Btu compared to alternatives

Construction time

There’s no rule saying either option is best – what else could we do?

There’s an obvious need for new power sources as the old nuclear and coal stations are phased out.

It seems a shame not to use free energy when it’s there, as in the case of the Severn.

2nd highest tidal shift on Earth

Have you ever seen the Severn Bore?

Website reference:


You need to write your own opinion.

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