Thoroughly analyze the use of color in Hero or Fearless.


Be prepared to write Essay #1. You must select one of the following topics and submit an essay of at least 500 words, in MLA format, with Works Cited that includes the MLA 8th citation for the film(s) you will analyze in the essay. Comprehensively analyze either 12 Angry Men, OR Fearless, OR Hero using at least three of the elements of mise en scéne. Be sure to include examples. Discuss two film directors, either Sidney Lumet and Ronny Yu, OR Sidney Lumet and Yimou Zhang. Would their work be considered examples of Realist Theory, Formalist Theory, Auteur Theory, Structuralism and Semiology, or Historiography? Be sure to support your answer with examples. Thoroughly analyze the use of color in Hero or Fearless. Extensively analyze and evaluate the character relationships within 12 Angry Men and discuss how the photography and movement heighten or lessen these relationships. Compare various aspects of early films, such as 12 Angry Men, to those found in Hero OR Fearless. Analyze movement and editing in two films: 12 Angry Men and Fearless, OR 12 Angry Men and Hero. The essay should be written in third person. Avoid any form of I, we, my, and you. Also, be sure to proofread and revise your essay prior to submitting it. I suggest meeting with a tutor at the ASC , or submitting your essay to Smarthinking Tutoring prior to submitting your essay for a grade.