consider a nozzle operating with H2O.The inlet diameter is D1=(30 + 28A7) [MM] and the mass flow rate is m =(0.02 +0.007a8) [kg/s].the inlet temperature and pressure is 300 degree celcuis and 1MPa,respectively.the outlet pressure is 0.8 MPa. 2.1 determine the inlet velocity,V1 [ms], outlet temperature T2 [degree celcius] and outlet velocity V2 [m/s] if the process is isentropic and adiabatic.the specific heat is not constant. 2.2 assume V2 =265.3 M/S.RE DETERMINE THE OUTLET TEMPERATURE,T2 [degree celcius] and the heat transfer rate Q [W] ( NO LONGER ADIABATIC) IF THE ENTROPY GENERATION RATE IN THE nozzle is SGEN =(0.72 + 0.25a8) [W/K]. to simplify the analysis it can be assumed that the boundary temperature Tb, is 300 degree celcius.hint show that h2-s2TB + K=0 with K a function of h1,V1,V2,Tb,s1,Sgen and m.let T2

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