Theology Exam

Theology Exam
Violence is a key problem for our current society. Choose one example of violence, describe it and relate this issue to some aspect of a religious perspective.

Engaging in conversation with people of different cultures is part of our everyday experience in 21st century America. Show how a couple of different ways Christians have developed for thinking about those who are different can lead to strikingly different kinds of treatment of different people.

We are living in what some have called a postmodern world. Give two aspects of what we experience as postmodern reality and describe what they mean for us.

We who live in the Western world know that we live in a post-Colonial world. What does that mean and what does that have to do with being Christian in this world?

Christians have a distinctive perspective of reality based on their connection to Jesus and the belief that Jesus is the Christ. What does this belief mean and how does it make Christian belief distinct?

Christians believe that God is both creator and redeemer. Choose one of these ideas and show how this view influences how Christians think about reality and other people.



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