“The Three Brains” by Robert Bly

 Read “The Three Brains” by Robert Bly on the Files page. • Read the “Right/Left Brain” on the Files page. Don’t forget to read my lecture notes and participate on the Discussion Board! Graded Essay Assignment: (Essay #1): After reading the article by Robert Bly, write an essay of at least 700 words. In the first paragraph, briefly summarize what Bly says in the article. Then, in the ensuing paragraphs, describe a typical day in your life, from when you get up in the morning to when you go to sleep at night, and tell which of the three brains you are using during your various activities. Try to be as specific as possible. Also, you should explain WHY you might be using that part of your brain during those activities. Include a conclusion at the end of the essay in which you discuss the implications of the fact that we have three brains. In other words, discuss the ‘so what?’ of the entire notion of three brains. As this is a graded essay, you will want to do a good job on this piece of writing. Be sure to write it in a word processing program and copy and paste it into an email. I do not read attachments. Proofread for such errors as comma-splice run-ons, sentence fragments, spelling, verb tenses, etc. If you’re not familiar with those kinds of errors, you should do a Google search, though at this level of English, you should know what they are. Make sure your essay has an interesting title—not something as mundane as ‘Bly’s Article’ or as boring as ‘The Three Brains.’