The Preamble to the Constitution


write essay heres is the instruction Research and resources should be incorporated with scholarly application. I.e. used as examples or evidence to support your analysis. Citations may be formatted in MLA they are consistent throughout. You must include in-text (parenthetical) citations, as well as a bibliography. You must provide in-text citations, to show ownership of any information that you include, in your essay, which is either 1. not considered common knowledge 2. paraphrased 3. directly quoted Failure to cite information, properly, will result in students receiving an automatic zero. Your response to the prompt should focus on analyzing the information you gather and use to complete the constitutional chart through application. Incorporate the information you gathered by using it to provide examples and support for your response to the prompt. Instructions: PROMPTS: 1.Locate a version of the United States Constitution. Review only the preamble. First explain the basic ideas of the document, based on it’s wording, and then discuss your interpretation of it’s meaning of Preamble’s purpose and intent. heres the link i found so i can get information and write it in the essay