The judicial system of united states

1. The sort statement explaining the general intent of the untied states constitution and precedes Article 1 is commonly called? A)Preamble B)Introduction c)Index D)Declaration
2. The Document which declared the reasons the American colonies were seeking separation from the rule of king George is commonly called ? A) Untied states constitution B)Articles of confederation C)Declaration of independence D)Federalist papers
3. The 5th amendment to the u.s constitution which of the following ? A)Full faith and credit issue B)Privelages &immuntird cases C)right against self incrimantion D)right to confronation
4. The untied states supreme court is a court of limited jurisdiction its primarly a court Of______ Jurisdiction- A)Appellate B)Trail C) Constitutional D)Subject matter
5. The U.S Supreme court case which afffiemed the right to counsel in a criminal trail charging a non capital offense in the federal courts is- A)Gideon Vs Wainwright B)Terry vs Ohio C)Betts vs Brady D)Mapp vs ohio
6. The right of congress to raise revenue to pay the bills of the untied states government is codified in________ Of the constitution ?- A)Article 1 B)Article 2 C)Article3 D)The 16th Amendment
7. Pursuant to the seminal case of Miranda VS Arizona decided by the untied states supreme court in 1966, an individual who is arrested by the police has the right- A)To refuse answer questions B)To have attorney present C) To demand an immediate trail D)None of the above
8. The executive powers of the untied states shall be vested in the president is stated , A)U.S Constitution Article 1 B)U.S Constitution Article 2 C) U.S Constitution article 3
D) 2nd Amendment to the us Constitution.9. According to the amendment In all criminal Prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a public criminal trail ? A)1st B)2nd C)5th D)6th
10. Which of the following powers is not an enumerated right of the congress under Article 1 Of the constitution- A) Coin money B)Provide and maintain navy C)Tax income D)Borrow money
11. In_________ The us supreme court stated that prosecution must disclose any exculpatory information to the defense attorney prior to trail A)Coker VS Georgia B)Brady vs Maryland C) Schmerber VS California D)U.S VS Wade
12. Which of the following is not an Article 3 Court ? A)U.S Court of military justice B)U.S District court for the southern district C)U.S court of appeals Second circuit D)Untied states supreme court
13. Article 3 of the U.S Constitution creates the judicial branch of government, Judges who sit in this court may sit only ? A)Until the president of the untied states nominates a replacement B)Until their 14 years term expires C)For a term of good behavior D)Only until the president who nominated them leaves office
14. The first ten amendments to the untied states constitution are frequently referred to as a A)Articles of Confederation B)Bill of rights C) Magna Carta D)Bill of Attainder
15. In the landmark case of Marbury VS Madison the Untied States supreme court reserved to itself the power of ? A)Judical activism B)Judical Legislation C) Judical Review D)All the above
16. In this case of first impression the untied states supreme court required that every defendant who may face removal from the untied states due to criminal conviction must be advised of this consequence prior to taking a plea A)Batson VS Kentucky B)Padilla VS Kentucky C)Munoz VS Kentucky D)Although lower appellate courts haved ruled on thus issue the supreme court has neverd ruled on this issue
17. Which of the following face potential deportation from the untied states convicted of an aggravated felony A) citizens who were born in this country but maintain residence outside of the U.S B)Citizens who were born elsewhere obtained citizenship via the Naturalization C)Individuals who are not citizens but are permanent residents D)None of the above
18. Croce is convicted for selling a controlled substance (cocaine and serves his sentence. Upon His release from prison, Croce is rearrested this time for conspiring with other to sell cocaine, specifically the same cocaine for which croce was previously convicted. Croce attorney ask the court dismiss the indictment ,calming that double jeopardy bar this prosecution. The motion to dismiss will be ? A)Granted as double jeopardy bars this prosecution B)Granted because the District Attorney was required to bring all relevant charges at the time croce was first arrested. C) Denied because the charge of conspiracy contains different elements than the charge of sale D)Denied because the U.S Constitution does not apply in state court and only if the state has similar mandate is croce entitled to relief
19. Under the system government created by the untied states constitution, different levels of government co exist. This concept of multiple government is know as A)Imperialism B)Separtism C)Republican D) Democracy
20. The untied states constitution was designed to limit the power of the federal government/ To insure that one brance of government did not extert excessive force over the other two branches, the framers provided for a system of ____ A) Checks and balances B)Veto power C)Impeachment D)Inherent power.
21. Under the Judiciary Act of 178, congress exercised its authority under article 3 section 1 of the constitution to create such inferior courts as the congress may ordain and establish. This act came under scrutiny in the case of ?- A)Brady vs Maryland B)Gideon v Wainwright C)Marbury V Madison D)Betts V.Brady
22. Before a case may be heard a court must have jurisdiction to hear the case. For a case to be heard in the federal court which of the following gives the federal court jurisdiction to hear a case which would normally be heard in state court. ?A)The case involves a violation of state law and parties are citizens of the same state. C)The case involves a violation of federal law and the parties are citizens of the same state D)The case involves a viloatio of federal law and the parties are citizens of different states
23. The untied states constitution was drafted and adopted after the states recognized the failure of A)The federalist papers B) The declaration of independence C) he articles of confederation D) The Magna Carta
24. Congress was indorsed with the power to create courts inferior to the untied states supreme court. These courts may be created under which articles of the U.S Constitution ? A) 1&2 B)1&3C)2&3D) 1&2&3
25. This U.S Supreme court case stated that court appointed counsel must be furnish to a criminal defendant in state court facing a criminal charge who lacks the means to hire an attorney A)Coker VS.Gerogia B)Katz VS.US C) Gideon VS Wainwright D)Payton VS Newyork
26. The untied states district court which serves Bronx and New York Counties is the A)Southern District B)Eastern District C)Northern District D) Western District
27. Croce is arrested for violation of the untied states code, Title 18 section 926 relating to interstate trafficking of firearms. If Croce is tried and convicted in the untied states district court for the eastern District which would have Jurisdiction of direct appeal ? A) Untied States circuit court for the ninth circuit B)Untied states Circuit court for the first circuit C)Untied states circuit court the second circuit D)Untied States Supreme court.
28. Which of the following is also often referred to as court of last resort in the federal court sythem ? A)United states District Court B)Untied states circuit of appeals C)Untied states supreme court D)Untied states court of international and constitutional appeals
29. Under which of the following circumstances does the untied states supreme court have trail Jurisdiction over a matter A)Never B)Where the matter relates to a lawsuit against the president C)Where the matter relates to a lawsuit in which the untied states government is prosecuting a criminal matter D) Where the matter affects ambassadors or other public minster and consuls.
30. Under the doctrine_________ Citizens of the states are limited in their ability to sue the state and federal government A)Judicial Autonomy B)Federalism C)Transactional Immunity D)Sovereign Immunity
31. Power not specifically delegated to the untied stats by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the state are ? A)Revered the states or he people B)Reserved the congress C)Subject to majority vote D)Strictly Prohibited
32. After the supreme court decision in Chisholm VS Georgia , Which granted the citzen of a foreign state to sue the state of Georgia, the states responded for passage and ratification of the ______ amendment to the us constitution. A)11th B)12th C)14th D)15th
33. When a case can be brought in either the federal or state court the courts are considered to have ? A)Independent Jurisdiction B)Consecutive Jurisdiction C)Competent Jurisdiction D)Concurrent Jurisdiction
34. Article 1 section 8 of the untied states constitution is sometimes referred to as the A)Enumerated powers clause B)Legislative Power clause C)Congressional power clause D)Foreign power clause
35. In order to permit congress to peform its duties under the article 1 section of the constitution, the drafter granted additional power under the _________ Clause
A) Police Power B) Necessary and proper C)Rationally Realted D) No such power
36. The untied states supreme court is final authority of all matters of A)State constitutional B)Federal constitutional law C) Both state and federal constitutional law D)Neither state nor federal constitutional law
37. Federal Judge must be nonimanted by the ____ and confirmed by the____ A)President Congress B)President senate C)President Supreme court, D)Supreme court senate
38. Members of the untied stated states Congress, House of Representive sit , term of A)2years B)4YEARS C)6YEARS D)Lifetime terms
39. Members of the untied states congress ,sit for a term of___ ? A)2years B)4years C)6years D)Lifetime terms
40. The executive branch of government with the duty of enforcing the laws and setting policy for the untied stated for the untied states Government. To assit the president of the untied states in the enforcement of the law the president will nimunate and indivual to serve as the_______ responsible for the prosecution of vilotions of federal criminal law A)Distrcit Attroney B)Attroney General Inspector C)Inspector General D)Secretary of state
41. In the case of _______ the untied sates supreme court held that the 6th amendment right to counsel applied to counsel only to the federal courts and in the state courts only when the defendant was charged with capital offense A)BRADY VS MARYLAND B)BETTS VS BRADY C)Brady Vs Brady D)Partridge VS Brady
42. state laws are subordinate to federal las under the ___ ? A) Supremacy clause B)Federalist clause C)Necessary and proper clause D)Enumerated power clause
43.Magistrate judges are appointed by the___ and serve for a term of __ years A)President 8 B)President 14 C)District Judges 8 D)District Judge 14
44. An individual who wishes to have an appeal heard by the untied states supreme court may do so A)As a matter if right B)With the permission of the court C)With the permission of the president D)With the permission of the attorney general
45 One method of having a case heard by the untied states supreme court is through the issuance of ? A)Writ of certiorari B)Writ of mandamus C)Writ of attainder D)Writ of Habeas corpus
46.This term is indicate that the court is the first to solve a dispute A)Appellate Jurisdiction B) Personal Jurisdiction C)Exclusive Jurisdiction D)Orginal Jurisdiction
47.The term used to discuss Jurisdiction created when a citzen of one state brings suit against a citizen of another state is A) Diversity Jurdication B)Foreign Jurisdiction C)Subjet matter Jurisdiction D)Citizenship Jurisdiction
48.If a lawsuit is brought in the federal district court based upon a violation of federal statutes, the court is permitted to hear the case because it has the_____ Jurisdiction A)Original Jurisdiction B)Trail Jurisdiction C)Subject matter Jurisdiction. D)Constitutional Jurisdiction
49)Which of the following is one of the protections afforded federal judges by the U.S Constitutions to protect the autonomy of each judge in rendering legal decisions A)Immunity from prosecution B)Compensation Protection C)Judicial review D)Exexutive privilege
50)The power of the untied states supreme court to exercisethat a judicial review ,allows the court to declare that a statute which was voted upon and passed by the legislature, and subsequently sined into law by the president of the untied states A)Unconstitutional B)Illegal C)Violation of international law D) Bad policy

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