The Importance of the law to the society

Laws are the determining factors of a society, without laws the co-existence off a society will be almost impossible.  Law has no definite description due to its large field off collectivity.  Generally, from the description given by Salmond, law is the body of principles recognized and applied by the state in the administration.  Hence, laws are used in the simplicity of a society government. This calls for every one, regarding the position to abide by them.

I want you to take an instance whereby you have a basket ball game that has no rules or a referee to coach the play.  The game will be played with no order and this will lead to the players having fractured arms and legs. This applies to the society to, levels of insecurity will be found at bream.  This is because there is no law that is governing their actions.  Cases of rape can never be left out in such instances.  The place becomes un-rully.

According to a website source on importance of law in the society.  It states that a system of rules is needed in the society to regulate relationships between people with conflicting interests, for example employers, property owners and tenants together with neighbors.  A legal system will be the only procedure, which can ensure that human rights are respected.

In the society there are many current activities that do take place and all these are in relation to a particular law.  The disposal of garbage is a good example that one might consider.  Imagine if the city police did not have the mandate of ensuring the cleanliness of a certain area.  A lot would happen and this would lead to a dangerous decline of the human race.  It may look like a joke but on the perspective, it is one thing that is very dangerous if not adhered to.  Many people would suffer from contagious diseases such as cholera and typhoid.

I would imagine how lazy we could become because whatever we want it is just a matter of stealing or pick pocketing.  This would be a free world with little to mind about.  People would be composed of muggers and all sort of inhuman and dangerous activities.  Remember all this would happen due to the free nature of no judicature.  It is a land with no police officers hence no jail terms neither fines that are going to be issued by the court. Recently, there was a carnage that occurred in the country due to lack of rules to guide people during that period after the elections were held.  Laws are important because they do maintain status quo, protect property and establish relationships.

In conclusion, I would love to emphasize the importance of laws to the society.  This should mainly be up-held by the young generation in order to protect their futures by enhancing laws for the upholding of their safety.

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