The impact of the National Forensic Science (NFS) report and current discrepancies

This quiz covers this chapter (Chapter 1 discussions and also studies the impact of the National Forensic Science (NFS) report and current discrepancies in fingerprints bite marks, hair testing and even DNA testing. Special attention will be directed to the issues of cognitive bias in forensic science. ***The paper must not contain plagiarism. It must be on point. Cite in the answers when you feel that clarity needs to be used to bring home your point. These are the questions: Imagine A scene investigations and evidence related to the scene then, 1- Explain the Scene 2- What evidence can be collected and what information might be obtained. 3–List a few possible reasons that why some evidence from Crime investigations never been collected. 4- List a few possible reasons why some evidence that are collected never have been sent for analysis. 5-List a few possible reasons why some evidence that have been sent for analysis never has been tested. ( here are just a few examples -(Crime scene investigators collect evidence such as fingerprints, footprints, tire tracks, blood and other body fluids, hairs, fibers, bullet casings, fire debris, etc.) (DNA evidence The NIJ –National institute of Justice offers numerous examples of physical evidence that can be recovered at a crime scene, sweat, skin, hair, blood, saliva and even body tissue) The questions should be noted on the paper and the answers should be underneath. The paper must be in 12 fonts, Times New Roman. It must consist of no more than two pages and should not have a cover page. ***There should be NO RUNNING HEAD. The answers should come from chapter and the mentioned references. No plagiarism. This is a paper that should state the question then answer the question in the aptitude of a PhD student, as well as in the APA style. A place for name should be at the upper left-hand corner. The next line should be for the date. The pages should be numbered. NO MORE THAN 2 pages are required. The answers must be dead on point as if stated by a forensic examiner, their verbiage should be used. • Demonstrate knowledge of terms related to Forensic Science This link should also provide answers to the questions for this quiz : https// Please ensure that the writer is knowledgeable of the English language as well as in the criminal justice system and Forensic science of the United States.