The HBR Press article

The HBR Press article provides a litany of different methods that are used to generate novel ideas. Are you familiar with any of these methods? Do you think they can work in structured organizational environments? Kelly begins to offer a view that structure and innovation do not mix very well. What do you think? #6 – Week #2 – It’s a SNHU Day! Christensen focuses on the efforts of SNHU to transform their school offering via his Jobs to be Done theory. Is there anything stopping other schools from doing the same thing? Why or Why not? Does what they have done meet your requirements for falling in the “Innovation” category or is this just good management and execution? #7 – Week #2 – You Will Find It Up On The Marquis Although somewhat dated, do Marquis findings and observations on innovation still make sense today? What do you agree or disagree with? What modern examples can you use to support or refute his views?