The future of the diplomatic relations between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan under the socio-cultural and geopolitical challenges

 This literature review is part of a dissertation, please find the attached dissertation proposal to assist you in understanding my objectives. Help on compiling a literature review using the following resources where the thoughts of the different authors would be highlighted collectively and connected wherever its mutual. Also, an argument should be illustrated supported by thoughts from those authors. The following references are: 1- Iran’s Foreign Policy in the South Caucasus – Marzieh Kouhi-Esfahani 2- Azerbaijan since Independence – Svante E. Cornell 3- Iran: Regional Perspectives and U.S Policy – Congressional Research Service 4- Azerbaijan ethnicity and the Struggle for Power in Iran – Touraj Atabaki 5- Iran at the Crossroads – John L. Esposito and R. K. Ramazani