The doorbell rang

The doorbell rang.



1. Consider this scenario:
Two children attempt to share out 12 cookies equally between them. The cookies have been made by their father and the children think that they look and smell good, ‘but no-one makes cookies like grandma’. Just as the children divide the biscuits between them the doorbell rings and two more children arrive. The children begin to share out the biscuits four ways. Again the doorbell rings and now the biscuits need to be a shared six ways. As more and more children arrive the shares in the biscuits get smaller till each child is entitled to one each. Then the doorbell rings yet again. Luckily this time it is Grandma and she has bought some more cookies.
adapted from Pound and Lee, 2011, pp. 54-55
Now watch section 1:15-2:19 of the video clip illustrating this scenario being used within contemporary practice

3. Now it’s time for you to play. Have a go at working through the scenario, imagining you are a child exploring maths in a creative manner through play (you may want to record your play as a practice for Assessment 1 – not for submission but just for you to explore the technology and reflect upon your own practice.)
4. Now undertake some reflection about this activity and share it on the discussion board. You should think about how children will explore the scenario, what maths knowledge you may teach and numeracy skills children may experience.

There are two components to this task:
Part A
You are required to assume the role of a teacher and write 300 words that shows how you would share a maths activity with children.
In preparing your writing you must:
• Think about what is appropriate for your identified audience i.e. is it for parents and/or teachers to use? or for children?
• think about how old are the children the activity is aimed at?
Part B
Submit a 200-word rationale that justifies why you have chosen your particular phenomena and explains how you would apply the maths activity with children. This should also identify why it is appropriate for your intended audience and describ

The doorbell rang

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