the document has done i only need to pay attention the request for edit in contrast with the prompt is only missing a couple things

Choose two articles (hard copy or digital) pertaining to current business ethics related issues. Use reliable, vetted sources only – no blogs. Make sure your articles focus on ethical issues regarding business and society or business and government and write about them. ARTICLES MUST FOCUS ON BUSINESS ETHICS/ACTION/RESPONSIBILITY. Your selected article(s) may have a Florida, US or international focus. Please choose two of those three areas. (For example, do not use two national articles.) All articles must be published after the date of the first day of class (16th of January 27, 2020). (Note: Current updates and developments of events that pre-date the first day of your class may be used. When in doubt- ask!)

Requests for edit:

both articles only have 3 stakeholders analyzed. The requirement is minimum 4,

Article 1 doesn’t have the analysis for the customers

That is the stakeholder analysis of the company. There needs to be a whole different analysis for the customer. It’s mentioned in the assignment details. List the 4 stakeholders then analyze EACH.

Article 1 doesn’t have the analysis for the ‘customers’.

Article 2 needs a separate paragraph analysis for ‘other social media platforms.