The current pattern of decentralization in organizations makes culture more beneficial for Apple Inc. than ever, however, establishing a strong culture may prove difficult. Culture creates Climate .Discuss.

     Michelle D. MorrowMGMT 603 Organization DevelopmentAmerican Public University  Dr. Bari CourtsOctober 11, 2016 This Sample Outline describes the Organizational culture of Apple Inc., and organizational culture is described as a unique and distinguished system of shared meanings employed by members of an organization which makes the organization unique. This outlines also briefly describes some of the practices employed by Apple Inc. which makes it unique and distinguishes it from other organizations. In continuation, various culture practiced by Apple company is said to impact the organization in positive ways, and because of these; the company also employs certain measures that ensure the positive cultures are maintained and put into practice throughout the organization operational lifetime. How organizational culture of Apple Inc. started is also mentioned through the outline, and most of the practiced cultures were introduced by the key founders. Finally, the outline includes a conclusion of the culture and a part to include the recommendations which can be employed to improve the organizational culture. I.   A.   definition of Organizational Culture          1. Organizational culture basically refers a distinguished system of shared meaning     practiced by members, makes the organization unique and distinguishes it from other organizations.          2. Practices that defines the culture of Apple Inc. include;            a. Creativity           b. Innovation           c. Moderate Combativeness           d. High level of Excellence  B. Apple Culture as a descriptive term        1. Apple organization culture focuses on its employees’ perception of the characteristics of the culture not whether they love the culture.          2. Apple employees view their organization culture as to;              a. Encourage teamwork              b. encourages innovation and inventions              c. Stifle Initiative.II.  How do culture impact on Apple Inc.?   A. Culture can positively or negatively affect Apple Inc.             1. Culture Functions in Apple Inc.               a. defining unique role of Apple               b. provides employees with a sense of identity                c. ensure the social systems are stable               2. The current pattern of decentralization in organizations makes culture more beneficial for Apple Inc. than ever, however, establishing a strong culture may prove difficult.        B. Culture creates Climate          1. Organizational climate can be defined as shared perceptions employees of an organization have about their organization and environment.          2. By creation of an overall workplace climate by Apple Inc., higher customer satisfaction and good financial performance is realized. III. Creating and Sustaining Culture A. Introduction1. Apple Inc. puts in place appropriate measures to ensure that their culture is maintained and doesn’t fade away. A. How Organizational culture of Apple started. 1. Founders of Apple Inc. are the pioneers of its culture2. Culture creation can occur through ways such as: a. Founders hire employees who think and feel the way they do.b. How the founders of Apple Inc. behave acts as a role model for other employees?c. Employees and incorporated and taught the founders way of thinking. B. Conclusion1. Summary of Apple Inc. Organizational culture2. Recommendation for a better organization culture. ReferencesRossmann, D. (January 01, 2010). Understanding Organizational Culture and Group Dynamics. Muraina, M. B., & Muraina, K. O. (January 01, 2016). Understanding and Managing Organizational Culture and Justice.

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