the coke bottle

The Coke Bottle

  • Changing Signs of Truth (Downing, 2012)
  • Chapter 10: Antiseptic Bakhtin
  • Chapter 11: Communication on the Edge
  • The Gods Must Be Crazy (Uys, 1984)

In the movie, The Gods Must Be Crazy (Uys, 1984), a traditional African society comes into contact with a more technologically developed, Western-type society–at least as seen through the eyes of apartheid-era South Africans. This interaction is spurred by the “mysterious” appearance of an empty Coke bottle among the tribesmen when it is discarded by the pilot of an airplane flying overhead. In no less than four full pages (not including title page or bibliography):

  • Discuss the role of the Coke bottle in the tribal society, particularly in the initial scene from the movie, and how it differs from that of the Western society.
  • In your opinion, who is right? Is it a Coke bottle or something else? Be sure to qualify your answer regarding the specific contexts in which the bottle finds meaning.
  • Provide another example of cultural misunderstanding from the movie and describe what happened utilizing Charles Peirce’s view of the sign in interpretation as presented in Downing (2012).
  • How does viewing all signs as triadic help us understand others better?

Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies for the week and your research.