the case study of change in Financial Industry (CIPD2013)
These are the professors instructions: (Follow them carefully)
Your Assignment One (HW#1) is to write a critical review of the case study of change in Financial Industry (CIPD2013), available in .pdf at the end of our course-hub page, and watch The Big Short (2015) movie which you can rent it from Amazon, Netflix or try other possible alternatives online.Start by answering the two questions at the end of the case study and then use the Force-Field Analytical Model to write a critical review (and provide an analysis) of the problem.You will also benefit from watching this clip on how to write a critical review.Your final text will be approximately 450-500 words on that specific issue (and the word count excludes with-in text and end of text referencing).Marking criteria includes: Academic format [brief introduction and conclusion, clear and concise paragraphs, referencing and appendix, if needed] [2 marks]
Identifying and focusing on a specific and relevant issue [2 marks]
Applying HRM (Force-Field Analytical Model) ideas and theory, and suggesting logical and evidence-based supported conclusion [4 marks]The due date for this homework assignment [worth 8% of your final mark] is the end of week 7 of the course, i.e. 5th November 2016.p(2)

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